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Poets Jane Wong, Carlina Duan, Christine Shan Shan Hou, and Muriel Leung explore the ways histories impact the work of Asian American writing across time and space.

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From TEDx:

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"Jane takes us from the Great Leap Forward to going toward the ghost, arguing that her role as an Asian American poet is to bear witness to a "history of trauma and migration", and offers that this is a "poetics of haunting" that is essential to reclaim histories and narratives that remain untold, or worse, are simply forgotten."

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From KUOW:

Bill Radke and KUOW poetry correspondent Elizabeth Austen discuss an excerpt of "Pastoral Power," a sprawling, image-driven poem by local poet Jane Wong. The poem is rooted in a trip Wong took as a teenager to the rural village in southern China where her mother grew up. Then, listen to "Pastoral Power", read by the poet herself.

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